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Emergency Response

BBU Environmental Services has over 25 years of emergency response experience. We have built a reputation for immediate and effective solutions in all types of emergency situations.

We have the personnel, training, equipment and experience necessary to respond to your emergency.

CALL 1-800-837-8064 FOR IMMEDIATE 24/7 RESPONSE!

BBU has always had a positive and professional working relationship with the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Environmental Protection, ODNR, County Emergency Management Agencies as well as Insurance Companies and Fire Departments.

Railroad Services

Railroad Services


Transformer Oil Clean-Up

BBU Environmental Emergency Response Services
  • Twenty-Four Hour Service
  • Oil / Chemical Spill Response
  • In-Plant Hazardous Material Spills
  • Emergency Containment Clean-Up
  • Railroad Derailments
  • Truck Accidents
  • Tank Ruptures
  • Oil Field Spills
Equipped with Level A, B, C and D PPE

Equipped with Level A, B, C and D PPE

Emergency Containment & Confinement

Emergency Containment & Confinement